Code: BS 401


_Washing tank studied by Bicisupport for all
  bicycles kind. It is equipped with an internal
  structure to fix the   bicycle frame or wheels,
  and a pneumatic pump that allows it to breath
  in fluids from cans and to put them directly into
  the tanks by a brush or washing lance. The
  main operations are:
  A: washing by detergent
  B: rinsing with clean water by the washing lance
  C: drying by pneumatic gun
  Using from tanks ( clean water,detergent,wastes)
  or by direct connection to the tap
_Professional, handy, equipped with wheels for
  an easy placement
_For indoor or outdoor using
_It can be closed by a cover


Height (cm): 189
Base (cm): 144x75
Packaging (cm): 157x86x69
Weight (Kg): 152